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What is the process?

1) Open a Word document / pick up a pen or pencil

2) Get writing / sketching

3) Create a word document containing your story and high quality scans of any artwork 

4) When you are 100% happy with the content of your word document, convert it into a pdf

3) Decide which ‘Publish Now‘ option to choose 

4) Email your print-ready pdf to (include a cover as a .jpg or we will create one for you)

5) Receive your 20 copies in the post and / or see your Ebook for sale online

What types of books do you publish?

We publish all genres (from poetry, film-reviews and essays to short-stories and picture-books)

Is there a word limit? 

Print books need to be at least 20 pages long

Is there an age limit? 

Either the writer or the illustrator must be 18 years old or younger. Collaborations are encouraged.

What about royalties and rights? 

On submitting work for publication, the author(s) grant Little Ox Press the right to publish that work. 50 % of all sales made through our channels will be shared with the author(s). However, the author(s) retain the right to choose a different publisher / self-publish their work at any time and sell copies independently. Authors have the right to mark up, resell and market their work independently.


What is the process?

1) When you have chosen your subscription, you will receive a welcome email with the expert mentors contact information (they will be available throughout the year to liaise with parents/teachers to encourage and provide feedback during the creative writing project).

2) Either you or we will introduce the project to your students and parents (it is up to you whether you set a specific theme or genre for the collection) before telling them to go away and get writing / illustrating!

3) You will receive curriculum-linked creative resources for all your teachers to use.

4) At the end of the project (however long you want it to take – up to 1 year), we will gather all the work together, edit, proof-read, typeset and design a beautiful book which you will receive in the post (within one month of the final submission). The number of copies you receive depends on your choice of subscription.

Is there a minimum commitment or is the subscription just renewed on an annual basis?

There is no minimum commitment and you can cancel any time with a full refund, no questions asked (no matter how far along you are in the process). This includes after you have received your books – we are that confident you are going to love the service.

How do I cancel?

Simply cancel the PayPal direct debit with which you initially subscribed.

What happens if we do not manage to get a book together within the year?

You will be entitled to either a) a refund for that year’s subscription or b) twice the number of printed copies for the next year’s subscription.

What types of books do you publish?

We consider any genre (from poetry collections, film-reviews and essays to short-stories and picture-books).

Is there a word limit? 

Just get writing and stop worrying! We will sort it out.

Can I submit a book without subscribing? 

Yes. Email for more information.

Can individuals as well as schools subscribe? 


Is there an age limit? 

Although we are unique for publishing childrens’ work, contributors can be any age.

Can I take out more than 1 subscription? 

Yes. Each subscription represents 1 title. So if, for instance, different year groups want to each write their own book, multiple subscriptions would be fine.

What child protection policies do you have in place?

Our mentors are educators with many years of experience working with children and have CRB checks and safeguarding training. All their written feedback will be mediated by parents / teachers at the school who will forward the work to the mentors and forward their feedback to students. In the case of Zoom sessions, a parent /  teacher at the school should be present to make the most productive use of the time available.

What about royalties and rights? 

There are no royalties as all rights remain with the authors / artists and choosing a different publisher at any time and selling copies independently is allowed. Authors / artists have the right to mark up and resell their work, marketing it themselves.