‘I am an English teacher at the Cherwell School and run our Creative Writing Club and Little Ox Press has been very supportive of our students and has offered them a chance to be published in a lovely poetry collection, something that has been a tremendous encouragement and opportunity for these young writers.’

‘Thank you for your help and I cannot wait to get back to Thursdays in creative Writing Club’ (T, aged 15)

‘It has been a while and I miss attending the Creative Writing club!’ (E, aged 17)

‘The project has been an absolute lifeline. My daughter’s dream has always been to write a book and you have made it come true. The mentoring has been fantastic – lively, fun and inspiring.’ (Father of a 12 year old writer)

‘Yes yes yes! Writing for a purpose – it’s what children need!  They need to understand they are writing for an audience and that in itself will get them writing!’ (Assistant Headteacher, Holden Clough Community Primary School)

‘Can you imagine sending some of our Y6s to high school with a published book!’ (Head teacher)

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